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Minister Woods Bio

Minister Wanda Woods, was born on the Southside of Chicago in a community called Englewood to a single mother of six children.

Minister Woods was the sixth child and born with severe jaundice. Her early years was of physical abuse, sexual molestation and witchcraft.

Minister Woods was always a gifted student in many areas and a forward thinker which allowed her to excel in school in spite of her home life.

In her later years from her early teens she became addicted to hard drugs.

She's a survivor of rape by the hands of six gang members of the South side of Chicago.

She attempted to commit suicide twice.

Several months later her appendicitis burst (peritonitis), she died and went to heaven.

She had an encounter with Jesus and He told her that she had to go back because it wasn't her time yet to stay in heaven.
Minister Woods married early in her teens in which the union produced two children, while married she suffered physical abuse at the hands of her husband, Minister Woods separated from her husband with her first child, in which she found it difficult to support her so she began a career as a stripper which lead to her becoming a high end escort.

Minister Woods was had her encounter with GOD in 1997 when she was pregnant with her son, GOD said to her the scripture Ezekiel 16:4-14 at that Christ and the cross entered her chest.

Several years later after what she call her Damascus road experience, she found herself in the car with the Englewood serial killer, when The Holy Spirit directed her on what to say, she survived by The Grace of GOD.

Minister Woods accepted Jesus September 12, 2003 where she was delivered totally by the power of GOD.

She answered the call to Ministry in June 2004 (Luke 4:18-19)
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